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Who can participate?

Anyone between 10 and 65 with good health may participate in the tours. However, shorter routes, trails or lessons for younger children can be arranged on request.

What language will be spoken?

Italian and English.

What documentation is required?

A current, valid ID document such as a passport or drivers license.

What information do I need to provide?

When you book you will have to fill out the booking form. You will need to give your height, weight, age and say if you plan to use sneakers (trainers) or cycle shoes with quick release cleats.

What type of roads will we travel on?

If you book a road bike tour it will be on asphalt, however for the MTB tours the trails may be gravel and stone, dirt, mud, forest and some on the asphalt.

What type of bicycle will I ride?

If you like you can bring your own, if not a suitable rental bike will be provided you may choose either a MTB or E-Bike.

How long is the ride?

Each ride is specifically designed to suit the group of participants, please take into account that if you book a ride with less experienced riders you may find it a little slow. Please always contact me for details as personalized tours are always better.

What is the average speed?

The speed depends on the capability of the participants. On a slow ride it will be about 8-10 km per hour; obviously this will be increased for more experienced riders. There will be photo/observation stops throughout the ride.

What does the guide do?

The guide travels with the participants on his own bike, he provides advice, decides the pace and the route and where to stop. He will also give information en-route about the landscape and history of the area. In case of a puncture or breakdown the guide will fix your bike.

What about the weather?

Depending on the time of year you book the tour your guide will advise you beforehand of the clothing suitable for the occasion.  Rides will go ahead unless the weather is particularly inclement.

What type of clothes?

The helmet is mandatory. It is advisable to wear technical biking or sport clothes, generally with shorts and short sleeves. Cycle shoes or trainers – absolutely no sandals, boots, flip-flops or high heels. Take a small pack-away water-proof jacket and a small back pack or fanny pack for water and snacks.